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Dick’s provides a variety of exhaust products and associated items.
Stock or Custom – Dick’s can handle your vehicle

     • Exhaust Products

“Exhaust System” is actually not the correct description. The exhaust system is just one component of a vehicles emission control system. The emission system system is typically computer controlled and can include a PCV valve, oxygen sensor, catalytic convertor, EGR valve, exhaust manifold(s), air pump, muffler(s) and tail pipes.

When any of your emission components (PCV valve, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, EGR valve, muffler, tailpipe, exhaust manifold or air pump) are faulty and in need repair, or replacement,  your vehicle could be hard to start,  run roughly or be excessively noisy. You could also be contributing to air pollution problems.

When in doubt, have a Dick’s technicians check out your entire emission system. This should be done every 6,000 miles or six months.

     • Catalytic Converters

All California State catalytic converters are California Air Resource Board compliant.

     • Mufflers

Our Performance mufflers are 100% stainless steel and lap-joint welded for solid construction and rugged reliability for the most extreme conditions. Performance mufflers feature a free-flowing, straight-through perforated stainless steel core, stainless mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill that delivers a smooth, deep tone. Mufflers are packed tight with this acoustic material to ensure long life and no sound degradation over time. Ask us about the Lifetime Warranty.

     • Tips – Single/Dual, Larger, Clamp-on, Chrome Plates

Dick’s Polished Stainless Steel Tips manufactured by MagnaFlow will last 5 times longer than chrome tips. These Super-Tough Tips will continue to shine for years with a Lifetime Warranty against defects. The tips are 100% Stainless Steel and built to last with Weather-Proof.

    • Pipes and Tubing

Dick’s offers a wide variety of universal accessories. Whether you’re looking for hangers, band clamps, X and Y transitions or simply need cut-outs or flangers, Dick’s has what you’re looking for.